The Technology Transfer Office is available for all DESY groups and employees as contact for the following issues:

  • Information, consulting and training on all strategic and operative questions regarding the intellectual property of DESY, like property rights (patents, utility models, brands), non-disclosure agreements and transfer of rights - for example in cooperation agreements and contracts with external partners - as well as copyright law.

  • Exchange and disclosure of information on technologies and know-how to third parties and for internal purposes.

  • Consulting and support of DESY employees who consider to spin off with a technology developed at DESY. More information can soon be found under "DESY Start-up Office".

  • Consulting and support of employees, who made an invention:
    All DESY employees who assume that they have made an invention in the context of their work at DESY are welcome to contact TT at any time for a first check of the inventions potential and to discuss further opportunities and activities.