In July 2014 X-Spectrum GmbH was founded by five scientists from the DESY detector group (FS-DS) - Heinz Graafsma, Stefanie Jack, David Pennicard, Florian Pithan and Julian Becker. The company develops and provides a fast X-ray camera with high-resolution named LAMBDA (Large Area Medipix-Based Detector Array) for high-end research projects at advanced X-ray sources, like synchrotrons and free electron lasers. Moreover, the scientists are already thinking about application possibilities in industry.

LAMBDA is a photon-counting pixel detector system based on the Medipix3 readout chip. The large active area of the LAMBDA detector with the size of about nine by three centimeters is equipped with 750 000 pixels and takes up to 2000 images per second. Each pixel performs single light particle (photon) counting, but can also handle rates of more than 500 000 photons per second. This very high dynamic range is complemented with the possibility to measure the energy of the detected X-ray particles, i.e. practically taking colour pictures.

X-Spectrum GmbH is funded by the Helmholtz Association “Helmholtz Enterprise” support program receiving 100 000 EUR over a period of 18 months. DESY also grants the same sum of money to the project. The Helmholtz Enterprise program combined with the assistance and support of the DESY Start-up Office under the leadership of the DESY Technology Transfer Office offers very good conditions for the incubation of a commercial enterprise during the whole start-up phase. Spin-offs find overall support from before until a few years after the foundation.

In June 2015, X-Spectrum GmbH was awarded the Hamburg Innovation Award in the category “Start”.


Stefanie Jack
X-Spectrum GmbH
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