The following services are made available to interested companies by DESY TT:

Licences for the commercial use of DESY developments and know-how: For examples see "DESY Technologies", and there are more available on request.
Measurements with synchrotron radiation in the context of short-time projects and cooperations: The Service Group Industry will be glad to inform you about the conditions and will also perform all necessary measurements and analyses when required.
DESY NanoLab - tailor-made solutions for industry: The DESY NanoLab provides companies access to unique characterization methods. With the support of our experienced scientists you can gain insights in smallest structures and examine materials, material surfaces and processes at the micro and nano scale or determine their chemical composition.
Utilisation of specific technical installations: On request and within the limits of available capacities, DESY is able to provide industrial R&D with access to its exceptional technical installations such as unique test rigs.
Sponsoring and promotional activities: We enable interested companies to carry out promotional activities, e.g. individual presentations, in-house exhibitions and industrial exhibtions at DESY as well as the placement of logos and advertisements in event programs or on event websites.
DESY TT is your contact point for all questions regarding the services listed above as well as other possible cooperations and DESY's intellectual property in general.