Vacuum flange bolt connection


Vacuum systems in research and industry facilities (e.g. in apparatus and plant construction, in the UHV region and in measuring and refrigeration) must be able to maintain the desired vacuum permanently and as inexpensively as possible. However, such systems are mostly built in combination with measuring equipment, cooling/heating, etc. and must be easily accessible for maintenance and for testing modifications.

Vacuum system with new flange

Inside the vacuum system with new flange



In particular, components with problematic or complicated pipe connections which feed into the vacuum system can lead to pressure leaks which degrade the maintenance of the desired vacuum.


This source of vacuum failure is removed by the development of a new flange bolt connection within the point of intersection.
For this, the fixed flange is welded to the outer perimeter of the vacuum chamber. The movable flange, on the vacuum side, is fixed from the outside using tapped blind holes.


  • Avoids pipe joints
  • Minimization of possible leaks
  • Complete assembly of complicated components outside of the chamber
  • Component testing without dismantling
  • Isolated pipe and stream realisation
  • Use of standard seals
  • Suitable for many media and lines

Development status

The vacuum-side flange is successfully in use under various conditions at the HERMES experiment and the mirror chamber of FLASH.