High performance beam shutter and slit system for synchrotron radiation


Closures for synchrotron radiation beam at synchrotron radiation sources are used to switch off the photon beam of high power density (~ 500W/mm2) and high overall performance (<15 kW). High performance split systems enable the collimation of the beam size with a photon-absorbing split. The combined beam and gap shutter system for high intensity photon radiation combines both functions in a single device.


Specifically high-intensity synchrotron radiation is generated with particle accelerators in synchrotron radiation laboratories. A beam and split shutter system has to be arranged in the photon beamlines before the experiment in order to be able to switch off the beam and to adjust the beam size through a split system.
Previously, separate systems for switching off the beam and the beam size adjustment have been designed. The reconstruction of PETRA III beamlines allowed an innovation which combines the both separate system properties in one system.
The technical progress achieved in this case is now protected under patent law and is available for industrial application.


Two water-cooled high-power absorbers, which both may be moved horizontally and vertically are mounted. They form a horizontally and vertically adjustable gap system. The decoupling of the slit jaws from the surrounding ultra-high vacuum system is done through edge welded bellows.
The average power density of the photon beams to be collimated or closed may be larger than 500W/mm2.
The vertical slit opening can be adjusted by a drive unit symmetrical. The coupling of the vertical slit adjustment allows the symmetrical setting and displacement of the slits.
The jaw slit drive enables an independent, very accurate precision adjustment of the horizontal and vertical slit size. A pneumatic cylinder, which is integrated in the vertical slit adjustment, enables a quick opening and closing of the slit. Thus, a separate high-power beam shutter (photon shutter) is not necessary anymore.


  • A separate high-efficiency beam shutter can be economised by using a drive system which integrates 2 systems.
  • Made for high performance density (~500W/mm2) and large overall performance (<15 kW)
  • Simple cooling system with integrated local radiation background shielding
  • The system is suitable for ultra-high vacuum requirements of synchrotron beamlines.

Development status

Development and production of the high performance beam shutter and slit system has been completed. The system is in operation in all of the 14 PETRA II beamlines.