Clamping device for sample holders


The core of this invention is a UHV-compatible clamping device, which enables clamping and releasing a sample through a simple linear movement. Hereby an automatic sample exchange can be realized, which is essential for in situ measurements at coating experiments and for statistical measurements with high throughput rates.

Sample holder released (1.1) and clamped (1.2)



  • The fixation of samples for automated sample exchange in vacuum
  • Various vacuum applications that require good thermal contact or a clamping of the sample holder
  • Micro systems technology


  • The simple construction of the clamping device is UHV-compatible and heat resistant.
  • The applied tensile stress can be adjusted. Thus, the sample holders are being pressed with a defined force against the heating or cooling plate. This ensures a reproduceable energy flow.
  • An automatic exchange of the sample inside the vacuum is possible.
  • Using the clamping technology, deformation stresses are not going to be transferred into the sample. The tensile stress that acts upon the sample holder from beneath enables a 360° rotational measurement.
  • The rotationally symmetrical shape enables easy manufacturing of sample holders.
  • The sample holder is self-centering due to form and structure of the clamping unit.

In the previously used UHV-compatible clamping systems for sample holders, the necessary clamping forces are being employed by metal springs from above the sample. This can lead to deformations and affects a 360° rotational measurement of the surface geometry.