Method to freely tune the magneto-resistive properties of GMR and TMR thin-film sensors systems


A new deposition method allows for the fabrication of magnetic thin film sensor systems, in which the magnetic orientation and hardness can be independently imprinted into the individual magnetic layers in a facile way. Multilayer devices with novel magnetization profiles and adjustable magnetic switching characteristics can be realized. GMR sensor systems prepared with this technique exhibit very pure and strong magnet-resistive signals. In contrast to conventional multilayer production methods, this technology is not based on a RKKY-type interlayer coupling, and is therefore not subject to its limitations. The magneto-resistive response (linear or step-like behavior, magnetic field range of operation) of sensor systems therefore can be freely tuned for the first time.

Fields of Application

  • Thin-film GMR and TMR sensor systems with custom-made properties that are adapted to particular application (sensing of magnetic field, current, rotation frequency, sense of rotation, displacement, pressure …).

New opportunities

  • Orientation and strength of magnetic anisotropy can be adjusted for every single layer. Magneto-resistive properties can be freely tuned for the first time.
  • Method allows for crossed magnetization directions in multilayer devices, enabling the design of new types of sensor systems.
  • Magnetization profile is independent of the interlayer material (no RKKY coupling): New material combinations in ferromagnetic / non-magnetic multilayer hybrid structures.